A guide to roofing company reputation management

While a roofing company can be profitable, it’s not easy to acquire new clients. It’s a service that people don’t require often. It will only arise if people face issues at home. There are also many roofing businesses out there. They fight for the same clients. Therefore, it helps to have a robust online presence. Most people don’t know whom to contact if they need the service. When they only see positive information about the roofing company, they will decide to avail themselves of the services. It highlights the need for a roofing company reputation management strategy.

Claim the listing

The first step is to claim the online listing in different directories. If potential clients search for information, the lists will pop up. Some of them might even call directly based on the information found. If they realize that the company doesn’t have a contact number or has an incomplete profile, they will skip it. They might even think that the business is already inexistent. Another reason for doing it is that it allows more people to leave reviews. Ultimately, Google could rank the business high when it appears to be legitimate. It’s useful for the SEO campaign.

Have more reviews

It might seem easy to ask for previous clients to leave a review, but it’s not. There aren’t too many people asking for the service. The number of people to ask can be limited. However, if many of them decide to leave reviews, it can boost the roofing company.

The first step is to make it easier for people to leave reviews. Simplify the forms and make them accessible on various platforms. Reminding them through emails and social media accounts can also encourage positive reviews.

Generate more quality content

The good thing about content creation is that it’s at the heart of search engine optimization. It’s also useful in reputation management, so it hits two birds with one stone. For roofing companies, it’s even more critical to have quality content to provide information. Most people who look for the service have no idea what it entails. Before they even decide to book an appointment, they need to read the information first. If the company published different blogs across platforms, more people would see them. Links embedded in all the articles might redirect the users to the website. Eventually, they will decide to book an appointment.

Respond to all reviews

Even if it seems exhausting to respond to all the reviews, it should happen. It’s at the center of the roofing company reputation management strategy. When people leave reviews, they put effort into it. A simple thank you will make them feel appreciated. It encourages them to keep writing positive reviews in the future. However, it’s even more critical to respond to negative reviews. It provides an opportunity for the business to give its side of the story. The lack of an excellent response might make other people think that the reviews are correct. The answer can also be an effective way to defuse the situation. 

The key is to never argue with the reviewer. Taking it personally or screaming insults won’t help. More people may decide against patronizing the brand because of the unprofessional response. If the reviewer doesn’t want to stop complaining, the next step is to offer a private discussion. It’s already enough to show to other users that the business cares. If there are more critical situations to deal with, they don’t have to happen publicly.

Use roofing company reputation management tools

The good thing is it’s easy to spot reviews online. Some tools send notifications if there are brand mentions on different platforms. Google Alerts is one of them. It’s a free tool that can monitor reviews and dimensions. It’s also useful in monitoring what other people have to say about the competitors. The alerts can help in offering an immediate response. It’s crucial to provide the right narrative before it’s too late.

Ask for help from experts

While there are roofing company reputation management tools available, it’s still a challenging process. It’s better to allow experts to do the job. Some agencies can help in monitoring reviews and responding to them. They also know different ways to build a positive image online. From brand awareness to recovery from bad press, these experts can help. A positive online image can make the business more popular. If it goes the other way, it can bring the company down. Reputation management is something to take seriously.