Bike Carriers: Roof Mount or Hitch Mount?

Bike Carriers: Roof Mount or Hitch Mount?


Bike carrier selections have ensured that bike enthusiast can explore further afield and enjoy different areas. When you enjoy riding your bike, you will want to ensure that you get the most from it, and be able to transport it with ease. There are several different styles of bike rack to choose, however, the most popular are the fietsendrager kopen hitch mount and the roof mount styles. Both of these are excellent, however, you will need to consider several things before rushing out to purchase one.

Things To Answer Before Buying

Once you have decided that you want to purchase a bike rack, there are several different elements which you need to consider. These include:

Style of the vehicle which you own

Distance you want to travel

Will it be a solo bike, or several

If your vehicle is already fitted with a tow hitch

Ease of lifting your bike


Different Styles

Two of the most popular bike carrier styles that are available are the roof mount and hitch mount, and both have several disadvantages and advantages. You should research well and ensure that you understand what your needs are, and which style will suit them in the best way.

Roof Mount


Lockable for extra security

Can accommodate odd shaped bikes and tandems

Rack can be used for several different outdoor activities

Fits easily to the existing cross rack


Restricted access to several different places including drive through restaurants and car parks

Contact with vehicle frame, which may cause damage

Weight may be an issue on the vehicle roof

Difficult to life your bike onto the bike carrier

Hitch Mount


Incredibly easy to install

No need for added fixings

Very little chance of damaging vehicle

Mounting trays to keep bike secure


Bike carrier may obscure license plate

Will make vehicle far longer

Bikes can become damaged easily

Difficult to attach bikes to rack

Low security elements

Top Factors To Consider