Five Easy Ways to Teach Toddlers to Live Green

As a mom it is always front and center on my mind how I can teach my children to be good stewards of this great earth. It can be tough for younger children to grasp the concept of living green but through our example we can really teach our young ones to start caring now, thus leaving a legacy of caring that is more precious than anything you can make from plastic. Below are five ways to start teaching toddlers today.

1. Take your children on a field trip to an organic farm that will allow them to pick fruits and veggies. While there discuss why organic farming is good for the earth. Also talk to them about how we should pray for farmers and thank God for them as well – after all, we get much of our food from those farmers.

2. Young children go to a lot of birthday parties. A great way to encourage green living in your toddler is to opt out of buying new wrapping paper for presents. Rather, you can recycle an old paper bag and have your children decorate it with crayons and markers. Use this time to discuss recycling and why it is important for our earth.

3. Plant some flowers or even a tree. Children, especially young children, love to help their parents out in the garden. Have your toddlers assist you in planting some beautiful flowers or even a tree or two and explain to them how this helps the environment. You can even take this time to discuss how God made the flowers and trees and that part of taking care of our earth is helping these wonderful things He created to grow.

4. Teach the importance of conserving water – when your children are brushing their teeth or washing their hands teach them to turn off the water in between brushing or scrubbing. Talk to them about how water is a resource we all need and that we need to make sure there is enough to last for everyone. Have your kids think of other ways they can conserve water around the house – you will be amazed what toddlers can come up with!

5. Get out a great nature movie or series such as Planet Earth and watch it with get easy money your little ones. While watching it discuss with them the beauty of God’s creation. Teach your children to appreciate what the Lord has provided. Discuss with them all the many different types of plants, animals, trees, etc… Have your kids draw pictures of the earth and tell you what they appreciate about it most. Pray and thank God for giving us this beautiful place to live in.

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Becki is a Christian, married, stay-at-home mother of two. Her interests include spending time in Gods Word, enjoying the days with her children, and blogging – lots of blogging. She has recently entered the world of “being green” and enjoys sharing what she learns with anyone willing to listen.