How Can You Easily Add Background Sounds to Videos?

Videos play a significant role in teaching tasks. They are a great tool to engage and help your students learn. You can use videos to train, teach, or convey a case. This is the best alternative to explain anything to your students. Especially nowadays, students prefer to use videos as a teaching alternative as they provide them with the convenience of time and feasibility. 

You can use background music to make your videos more interesting for your students. The best way to add music is a soothing sound along with your voiceover.

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How Can I add music to a video?

Step 1: Open your video choice 

This is a super easy task. However, your choice of video and how you want to open it in a project is much preferred. Select the software you wish to edit and use it to add music.

Step 2: Import video into the software

You can choose among multiple options to import a video. It can be from your file explorer option or the media bin. Right-click on the choice of media menu and import your video. 

Step 3: Include the media in the timeline

Once your files are imported, you can find them in the media bin. Drag the video on the timeline. Now add the new track to the existing way to your feasibility. 


Firstly, it is true that all videos do not require music. However, some videos can get boring to watch. Adding music may help you to make your videos more engaging towards people.