The difference between aluminum fence and aluminum alloy balcony guardrail

Aluminum products can be considered very common in our lives. It is applied to all aspects of life, just like aluminum alloy balcony guardrails, what is the difference between the aluminum products? Aluminum products fence and aluminum alloy balcony guardrail are made of aluminum, aluminum products fence and aluminum alloy balcony guardrail range from style, craft, and use. The difference between them.

Aluminum alloy is six large, each series can be produced into different finished products, which is aluminum products, so aluminum products are included within aluminum alloys. The two fences are made of 6063 industrial aluminum. The main components are aluminum, magnesium, silicon, aluminum fences are applied to the factory, and Custom Aluminium Fabrication the aluminum alloy guard is applied to the construction.

The aluminum product fence is the industrial aluminum profile, which is a structure in which the aluminum rod is hot, and then the mold is extruded. Completed, the connection to the connection is usually connected using bolts, nuts, and corners.

Aluminum alloy balcony is used by square tube, inside is empty, it is made of aluminum rods, aging, thermostatic static spraying, and is made of classical buckle combined new process. . Aluminum alloy guards do not need to be soldered, filament and angle connection. No matter which aspect, the two are different. Many people will confuse both. After all, they are aluminum alloys, but there are very many kinds of aluminum alloys, and the process and ingredients are also different. Be sure to clear, don’t understand, you can directly consult Nanjing Mei-Cheng Aluminum Industrial aluminum profile manufacturers.